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Revolutionize your display with the ultimate 3D hologram fan.

The showstopper for fairs and expos!

3D Hologram Fan

Are you looking for a unique way to display your products or videos? 

Look no further than the 50 52cm 3dfan hologram projector! 

This ground-breaking product can project 3D images or videos in mid-air resulting in spectacular holographic displays.

The 50 52cm 3d fan hologram projector is a revolutionary product that combines art and science to deliver stunning holograms. With its advanced technology, high-quality material, app-control, wide application, and competitive advantage, it is a must-have.

Get your hands on this incredible device and experience the future of display!


The 50 52cm 3d fan hologram projector uses advanced LED technology to project 3D visuals in mid-air, resulting in stunning holograms. 

The projector has a high resolution and high definition display, which guarantees clear and vivid pictures. 

The 3D visuals are practically life-like and create an immersive experience.


Controlling this amazing device is easy with the app that is available on both Android and IOS. 

The app allows you to choose from various images, videos, and animations, adjust the brightness, and even schedule when you want your holograms to appear.

We're thrilled to be a reseller for HDFocus in Norway!

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