Vuzix Blade New



Our innovative Vuzix Blade® smart glasses are the first self-contained Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses featuring advanced waveguide optics for hands-free mobile computing and connectivity

Vuzix Blade glasses keep your eyes protected with an ANSI Z87.1 certification while helping you maintain focus on your work. The see-through waveguide optics merge digital instructions onto real-world tasks, removing distractions and vision occlusion and reducing error rates. 

Vuzix Blade New

The glasses of the future.

Vuzix Blade, New Smart-Glasses, full glasses, that is an unprecedented amount of options and possibilities. As delivered, the Blade-New glasses for a hands-free connection between the virtual and the real world, and can provide more options, such as location-aware information, data, ondersteuningscommunicatie with both video and audio, and much more.
The Blade's New Smart Glasses have the same features as the regular Blade and will include an auto-focus 8 mp camera, integrated speakers, and advanced Virtual voice control. There is also a Bluetooth headset you need.

To ANSI Z87.1 certification

These smart glasses are equipped with an ANSI Z87.1 to type a message. This is to say that these glasses are tested on the most common hazards in the workplace, may be prevented: the Blunt impacts, waves, splashes and drops of dust, welding, and ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared light.

Augumented Reality

The Vuzix Blade glasses are equipped with "Augumented Reality'. This is a live direct or indirect view of the fact that the Micro-optics, digital and instructions together. These additional elements are often error messages or additional information about the local area. Because the Waveguide is transparent, it is made of, is that there is minimal distraction from the sight. At the same time, the wireless glasses are a complete audiovisual means of communication to support applications in the distance. Blade's New Smart Glasses make it safe to work from a distance as possible, while keeping the focus on the work, and the eyes are safe from harm.

Companion app

First, Download and install it on the Virtual Blade Companion App from the App Store or Google Play. The Companion app allows for simple installation and adjustment of the Blade may be responsible for managing the communication between the Blade and your smartphone.


  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Waveguide based see through optics
  • 'Cobra II' DLP-based display
  • DLP ® display
  • Camera: 8-megapixel camera, auto focus, 720p, 30fps, or 1080p, 24fps
  • Microphone: Yes, noise canceling microphones
  • Built-in audio: integrated Stereo speakers
  • Controls: touch Pad and voice
  • Battery: built-in rechargeable LiPo battery (470 mAh)
  • Battery life: 4-8 hours
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Charging: Micro-USB
  • Operating System: Android
  • Processor: Quad-Core ARM CPU
  • Certifications: E.G., ANSI Z87.1

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